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10 Fragrance Mistakes That Are Reducing Your Perfume’s Efficacy

There is something about the scent of a woman (and a man) that is rather alluring. Considering almost every sophisticated perfume is an investment in itself, you want it to be worth every penny. And nothing can be more exasperating than when you see your investment dissipate into thin air within a few hours of every spritz. Well, more often than not the fault doesn’t lie in the perfume, but actually sits with you. Fragrances are very complex and layered, and therefore cannot be spritzed frivolously. Perfumes are meant to make you smell absolutely divine, however, a few mistakes here and there can reduce your perfume’s efficacy. From fading away quickly to hindering its initial effect, here are 10 fragrance mistakes you’re committing (and why you need to stop them, ASAP). 

fragrance mistakes - one fragrance doesn't fit all - Parcos Luxezine

#1 – One Fragrance Doesn’t Fit All

A rather common fragrance mistake is when a scent is judged through someone else’s body. Every perfume reacts to an individual’s body temperature, pH levels, and other elements of your skin’s chemistry. A perfume that smells amazing on your best friend or sister, may not smell the same on you. The only way to know is to spray some perfume and wait for it to react to your body’s chemistry.

#2 – Picking The Incorrect Fragrance Concentration

It is a common misconception that all perfumes have the same formula and last equally long. Remember, every fragrance comes with a different concentration, which are divided between body mists, Eau De Cologne (EDC), Eau De Toilette (EDT) and Eau De Parfum (EDP). The longevity of each perfume will depend on the concentration of essential fragrance oils in the formulation.

Body mists have the lowest concentration and last only an hour or two. EDC comes in second with a fragrance oil concentration of 2% to 4%. This lasts for approximately three hours. EDT comes at a higher fragrance oil concentration of about 5% and has a lasting power of approximately four hours. The most powerful of the lot is EDP, which holds approximately 10-20% concentration of fragrance oils –– it has the longest staying power of approximately six hours. 

fragrance mistakes - Picking The Correct Fragrance Concentration - Parcos Luxezine
fragrance mistakes - Judging A Perfume By Its First Whiff - Parcos Luxezine

#3 – Judging A Perfume By Its First Whiff

As we mentioned, fragrances are layered and complex. They are made up of several notes – base, heart or medium, and top. When testing out a new perfume, you need to wait at least 30 seconds for the fragrance to settle it into your skin. The top notes are what you will smell first, then the heart notes, and finally the base notes. Be patient, and don’t dismiss the perfume instantly! To get a more informed idea of the fragrance and how the notes interact with your body chemistry, we suggest waiting for 

#4 – Applying It Everywhere

Where you apply your fragrance matters! Perfumes are activated by your body heat, and therefore spritzing it on your pulse points allows your scent to linger on for longer. So, instead of applying it everywhere on your body, try spraying your perfume just behind your ears, on your neck, your inner wrists, and behind the knees.

fragrance mistakes -Applying It Everywhere - Parcos Luxezine
fragrance mistakes - Rubbing Your Wrists Together - Parcos Luxezine

#5 – Rubbing Your Wrists Together

Just because you’ve seen it in movies, doesn’t make this action right. Rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume causes the top notes to fade way quicker.

#6 – Underdoing Or Overdoing The Spritz

It’s all about the balance. Spraying too little perfume won’t leave any impact, while spraying too much will just be a waste of a very expensive product. Spritzing the right amount is key –– you can do this by just focusing on the four pulse points of your body.

fragrance mistakes - Underdoing Or Overdoing The Spritz - Parcos Luxezine
Spraying Without Moisturising - Parcos Luxezine

#7 – Spraying Without Moisturising

Want that scent to linger? Then stop making this fragrance mistake! Always remember to moisturise your skin before applying perfume, as the moisture retains the scent for longer. Opt for a body lotion that has a similar note composition as your perfume. This’ll intensify the scent. Or if you don’t want to overdo it, simply pair it with a subtle smelling body lotion. Just don’t apply your fragrance on dry skin.

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#8 – Sticking To ‘The One’

Everyone has a favourite fragrance and nobody wants to take that away from you. However, it is always nice to mix things up a little and play up your perfumes according to occasion, season, mood, and vibe. Variety is the spice of life –– so experiment with different olfactory families. For example, if you’re a floral kind of a person then try experimenting with citrus or fruity fragrances. If you gravitate more towards musky heavier scents, then lighten it up with a floral woody scent once in a while. You are bound to find more than just one signature scent. 

Sticking To ‘The One’ - Parcos Luxezine
Storing Your Perfume In The Wrong Places - Parcos Luxezine

#9 – Storing Your Perfume In The Wrong Places

While displaying your perfume and its pretty bottle might be tempting, resist the urge to do so. Storing your perfume where it’s directly exposed to sunlight, extreme heat or cold, disrupts the balance of oils in the formulation and hinders its scent. Store your perfumes in cool, dry places that aren’t directly exposed to sunlight. Don’t throw away the boxes, as this helps protect the glass bottle from direct exposure.

#10 – Spraying On Clothes

Guilty as charged, a lot of us have committed this fragrance mistake. Perfumes are meant to be on your body and not your clothes. However, this does nothing but stain your clothes (and leave you with a very mild scent). Once again, the fragrance reacts to your body’s chemistry and gives you a scent that is unique to you. Hence, it is best to stick to the pulse points instead of walking clothed through a misty waterfall of your perfume.
A perfume is an investment worth making –– but, there’s no point in it if you’re going to be committing these fragrance sins. So the next time you’re shopping for a fragrance, make sure you spritz it thoughtfully and carefully, the moment it reaches your hands!

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