Fruity Fragrances For Women

Juicy, Sweet, & Sparkling —10 Fruity Fragrances To Bite Into This Season

Fruity fragrances are definitely a popular choice for many. A rather popular go-to especially for the 90s kids, a whiff of this fragrance family will immediately transport you to college hallways and secret coffee dates with your boo. The saccharine sweet scent with bursts of juicy fruits and that sparkling essence holds a special place for many, and while we continue to cherish those memories, the grown up version of those notes are definitely more palatable. As the name suggests, fruity fragrances are derived from your favourite fruits—mango, orange, cherries, bananas, berries—and they all come with a sweet, sour, and juicy scent of their own. Often the opening notes of a fragrance, the fruitiness can be found in the top and heart notes, setting the overall feel of the scent. They are fresh, versatile, and can elevate deeper notes like amber and musk to create a light and airy fragrance that is nothing like the childish one tucked away in your memory. From best-sellers to newbies, here are 10 fruity fragrances available at, that you can bite into this season (and the season after). 

Jimmy Choo Woman - Fruity Fragrances - Luxezine

Jimmy Choo Woman Eau De Parfum

Where femininity and luxury meet, Jimmy Choo’s fragrance brings that iconic 90s scent back to life with an elegant touch. Sensual and seductive, the scent opens to its refreshing top notes of pear and orange and then moves towards a floral tiger orchid fragrance. The floral-ness of the fragrance is intensified with its base notes of patchouli, however the sweet toffee adds that sweet depth to this iconic scent.

Issey Miyake Nectar D’Issey Premiere Fleur Eau De Parfum

A floral fruity fragrance that gives you the best of both worlds, D’Issey Premiere Fleur symbolises the blooming of the first flower. Delicate, fruity, floral, and sparkly, at first whiff, you’re embraced by the top note of pear. Next, the heart notes of peony and jasmine sambac bring the floral element to the scent. Finally, the base notes of vanilla, bourbon, and cedarwood, end the fragrance on a warm, sweet, and woody note.

Fame - Fruity fragrance for women

Paco Rabanne Fame Eau De Parfum

Another fruity floral fragrance that’s an absolute crowd pleaser, Paco Rabanne’s latest is sensual, playful, and empowering. With top notes of fruity mango, its heart note of jasmine adds femininity to the scent. The base notes of sandalwood and vanilla, bring that sensuous warmth to the fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Eau De Parfum

Reminscent of an unforgettable journey to Paris, this fragrance is feminine and rather romantic. With a blend of datura, jasmine, orange blossom, pear, and white peony, the scent strikes a balance between the fruity and floral. Its base notes of ambrox, cedarwood essence, patchouli essence, and musk, boost the top and heart notes, adding a depth to the floral fruity scent.

Mon Paris Fragrance

Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Toilette

Reflective of a precious jewel, this fruity and vibrant fragrance is definitely one for the shelves. Made for the modern, confident women, Bright Crystal has a beautiful blend of iced accord, pomegranate and yuzu, with heart notes of lotus flower, magnolia, and peony. The base notes of musk and amber add that sensuality to the fragrance, making a great day to night pick.

Coco De Mer Fanm Eau De Parfum For Her

Inspired by the sunset, Coco De Mer’s Fanm is enticing and refreshing at the same time. At the centre of the fragrance lies feminine florals like patchouli and gardenia, blended with Coco De Mer and vanilla that add that warmth and sweetness. It’s definitely a collector’s fragrance.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend Eau De Parfum

A fruity fragrance with top notes of plum and sea salt, and heart notes of ginger flower, the Olympea Legend is meant for the powerful woman. Celebrating the goddess she is, the entire fragrance comes together thanks to its base notes of amber, sand accord, tonka bean, and vanilla. This also makes it the perfect evening-wear fragrance. 

Elie Saab Girl Of Now Forever Eau De Parfum

A vibrant fragrance that is fresh, elegant, and joyful, this one exudes positivity and happiness from the first spritz. The top notes of lemon zest and raspberry embraces you the moment you spray the fragrance. It then settles into its floral accord with rose, however its other heart notes of black currant, almond, and orange blossom continue to keep the fruitiness of the fragrance going. Finally, its base notes of patchouli, cashmerean, vanilla, and musk, breathe some warmth and woodiness into the scent, pushing it more towards a very sensual zone.

Boss Femme Eau De Parfum

Radiant, elegant, yet liberating, Boss Femme is for the #bosslady in every woman. With top notes of rose and oriental lily and stephanotis, heat notes of musk and lemon tree wood, and base notes of floral fruity accords, this one is a great everyday fragrance designed for the sophisticated modern woman of today.

Nina Ricci Luna Blossom Eau De Toilette

A sweet and fruity fragrance, the Luna Blossom takes Nina Ricci’s iconic toffee apple and adds a sparkling fruity twist to it. The fragrance opens to its top notes of pear and eventually heads down a floral route with its heart notes of peony and jasmine sambac. Finally, adding a sweet end to the fragrance, the base notes of bourbon, vanilla, and cedarwood, settle in to leave you with a fruity yet intense scent.

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