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10 Woody Perfumes That Are Bold, Beautiful, & Perfect For Every Season


Woody scents are often misunderstood. They have a reputation for being too intense, and predominantly masculine. While a woody perfume is definitely bold and intense, there is something about the warmth it holds that is really embracing. The earthy and rustic notes give it an almost refreshing touch –– paired with another fragrance family like fruity or floral, and you have yourself a subtle yet enticing scent. Scroll down to see the best woody perfumes you can dive into –– take your pick from a selection that’ll take your breath away from the first whiff itself. 

Woody Perfumes For Him

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette For Men

A classic masculine perfume that is meant for the ‘not-so-gentle’ man, this fragrance embodies the scent of success. In the first whiff you will notice top notes of blood mandarine and peppermint, however the heart of the fragrance lies in its rose absolute and cinnamon notes. The fragrance gradually moves into a leather accord and amberketal scent that leaves a lingering woody trail behind it.

1 million fragrance - Parcos Luxezine
Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette_ Luxezine

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette

Sexiness captured in a bottle, this fragrance has rather offbeat note combinations that come together to create magic. Part of the oriental fougere family, the refreshing top notes of mint gives an instant boost to your senses. The heart notes of lavender add a soothing and sensual touch to scent, while the base notes of vanilla give it that long-lasting sweet and woody warmth the fragrance demands.


Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Polaris EDP

If the dark night could have a fragrance, this would be it! Shining bright in the dark night, Polaris has a mysterious and intense vibe. The spicy top notes of black pepper and bergamot immediately embrace you with a single whiff. The intensity kicks in with the fragrance moving into its heart notes of oud accord and patchouli. Adding a touch of sweetness to the scent are its base notes of vanilla that slowly take over and give the woodiness a bit of a warm twist.

Nuit D'Issey Polaris_Luxezine
Gucci Guilty For Him_Luxezine

Gucci Guilty Absolute Eau De Parfum For Him

Woody at its peak, this men’s fragrance packs a whole lot of intense notes in one beautiful bottle. The fragrance begins with top notes of woodleather and golden wood, only to settle into middle notes of a trio of patchouli. The woodiness is intensified with the final base notes of vetiver oils, which makes the fragrance rather bold, fierce, and strong.


Boss Bottled Night Eau De Toilette

The perfect intense fragrance, Boss Bottled Night is for the seductive, confident, and elegant man. The woody oriental fragrance opens up to its top notes of birch leaf, lending that fresh, green hint to the scent. It then moves into its heart notes of cardamom, giving the fragrance a warm and spicy touch. Finally, the base notes of Louro amarelo wood and musk, add depth, dimension, and a whole lot of intensity to the scent, making it one for the books and the shelves.

Boss Bottled Night - Luxezine

Woody Perfumes For Her

Narciso Rodriguez Perfume - Parcos

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge EDP

An intensely bold and intoxicating fragrance, this perfume opens up with floral accords of Bulgarian rose and red Iris. With the middle notes of heart of musc settling in, you’ll find the floral scent now moving more into a musky and woody zone. The fragrance intensifies the moment base notes of tonka bean, vetiver, black and white cedar, giving it that strong yet feminine touch.

Montblanc Lady Emblem Eau de Parfum

Elegant and sophisticated, this fragrance holds the perfect balance between woody, floral, and fruity. In the first whiff, you’ll find top notes of pink pepper and pink grapefruit taking over your senses. Moving more towards an intense floral scent, the middle notes of rose essential and jasmine add that floral touch to the fragrance. The base notes of sandalwood and crystal musk linger on, leaving the fragrance with a heavy woody scent.

Woody Perfumes For Women Luxezine
212 Perfume For Women - Woody Perfumes

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose Eau de Parfum

A woody floral scent, this fragrance embraces you with its champagne rose and pink pepper top notes. The middle notes of peach tree flower and rose bouquet add a glamorous and feminine touch to the fragrance. Settling into base notes of queenwood and musk, the lingering woody scent takes over and stays along with hints of floral.

Versace Dylan Turquoise Eau De Toilette Natural Spray

A floral woody musky scent that embraces your senses with top notes of mandarin essence, lemon primofiore essence, and pink pepper. The middle notes burst into blackcurrant, buds absolute, jasmine petals, and freesia guava. The woody base notes of clearwood, vibrant woods, and musks, take this scent to a whole different level. The amalgamation of the notes will transport you to beachy sands, blue skies, and crystal waters.

Versace Perfume - Parcos
Black XS Perfume

Paco Rabanne Black XS For Her Eau de Parfum

Where woody perfume meets floral and fruity sensibilities, the fragrance opens up with top notes of tamarind flower and cranberries. The middle notes of hellebore rose and black violet gradually take over as the top notes begin to dissipate. This iconic fragrance then slowly settles into massoia wood and black vanilla base, that is intense and enigmatic.

TLDR: Woody perfumes are often viewed as an acquired taste. Due to its strong and bold nature, they have gained a reputation for being a rather masculine pick –– but that really doesn’t stand true. While woody fragrances are quite intense, they aren’t limited to a particular gender. As a matter of fact, due to their ‘strong’ nature, woody scents are actually quite long-lasting. And when paired with another fragrance family like florals or fruity scents, the woodiness of the fragrance doesn’t appear too overpowering. From woody florals to oriental woody to even intense notes of musk and vetiver, here are 10 woody fragrances that are perfect no matter what!