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7 Beauty Insiders Weigh In On Their Favourite Summer Fragrances

Summer fragrances tell a story. Stories that are reminiscent of vacations gone by. Stories that bring back happy memories. Stories that are etched in one’s memory. While winter perfumes are more along the lines of cosy and warm notes, summer fragrances are meant to capture all your best summer moments in a bottle. A single spritz is enough to transport you to the cool, fresh feeling on a hot summer’s day. Finding ‘the one’ that’s apt for the season isn’t all that easy though. The notes need to be light and airy to fit into the warm climate, yet strong enough to linger on, all through the day. Think fresh, floral, breezy, zesty—basically, summer housed in a beautiful bottle. 

Still need help finding ‘the one’? Here’s what our beauty insiders have to say about their tried and tested favourite fragrances for the summer.

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Sukriti Shahi, Beauty & Health Editor, ELLE India

“I am not fond of floral fragrances, I prefer intense notes. In summers, however, I like soft and lingering scents that can go from day to night. Giorgio Armani Si Passione Intense EDP is an exception. It’s a unique floral fragrance that’s been on my shelf for years now. Blended notes of jasmine and patchouli make it one of my favourites. For me, it denotes an intense feeling of belonging, and leaving a lasting impression.”

Aparrna Gupta, Consultant Beauty Editor & Founder, Lavenderoom

“My favourite summer fragrance, which I recently discovered, is Zonm by Coco De Mer. It’s a Seychelles brand which harnesses the magic of the unique indigenous nut coco de mer on which the brand is built.  It has patchouli, cardamom and black Pepper, which is typically categorised as a men’s fragrance but I love wearing it. I have never worn Zonm and not been complimented—and it’s a fact!”

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Meher Jadhwani, Founder, The Dearist

Micallef Secrets Of Love Sensual, it’s such a strong but sensual perfume, the base notes of vanilla and oud, compliment so well with the orange pink berries and cinnamon rose! A little goes a long way, and it feels very refreshing and feminine. The combination of notes makes the fragrance refreshing and feminine!”

Anjan Sachar, Consultant Beauty Editor & Founder, The Red Lipstick Club

“One of my favourite summer fragrances is the Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge EDP. It has floral notes along with musk at the heart and a woody base which rounds off as a powdery, luxe scent. I tend to stay away from typically fruity and floral fragrances, no matter the season, so this one hits the right spot.”

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Aanam C, Content Creator & Founder, Wearified

“Carolina Herrera Good Girl is my forever favourite, it’s in fact what I wore to almost all my wedding functions as well. It is just so sexy, I love it. Davidoff Cool Water is another favourite—I love the one for men in fact and has been a staple in my vanity forever. It’s a fragrance I’ve stolen from my brother and dad back in the day,  it just brings up so many memories from my teen years.”

Tatiana Dias, Consultant Beauty Editor

Flower by Kenzo EDP is definitely my summer go-to. Growing up, it was my mother’s favourite and now, whenever I get a whiff of it, it always ignites a sense of comfort. The powdery floral notes are not too overpowering—I love the balance of rose and violet, with a hint of sweetness from vanilla. It’s perfect for summers. It’s surely an iconic fragrance that has stood the test of time.”


Ria Bhatia, Beauty Writer, The Established

“I love the Cool Water Sea Rose from Davidoff as it offers a unique spin on how convenient rose-first fragrances are. It’s not too sweet, not too overpowering—possesses just the right amount of freshness, feminine energy and exuberance.”