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7 Deadly Sins: Unlearning Skincare Mistakes That Have Been Passed Down Generations

Ever since the pandemic, people have been taking their skincare seriously. Whether it’s researching ingredients, understanding layering, or figuring out what really works for their skin, everyone is ready to put in the effort to boost their skin’s health. In doing so, however, we have opened Pandora’s box, especially when it comes to certain skincare practices of our ancestor’s past. Not to throw shade on anyone—it worked for them, clearly— but with time and technology a lot of what was deemed as normal, can now be classified as major skincare mistakes. Now, if you were to ask your grandmother about this, she’d brush it off, but ask an expert and they’ll tell you why these practices might not be the best for your skin. So what are these mistakes and why should you ditch them? We break it down for you.

PS: Once again, no disrespect to your granny! 

Mistake #1: Natural Is Better

First things first, when it comes to skincare everything natural doesn’t always work. Natural DIY ingredients are often unstable and can be too harsh and acidic for the skin. Just because something has ‘chemicals’ in it, doesn’t make it your skin’s enemy—as a matter of fact these chemicals are designed for the skin, and are therefore very safe to use. If you do want to go the natural route, you can incorporate natural ingredient based skincare products that harness the benefits of the ingredients, while being safe and gentle on the skin.

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Mistake #2: Tingling = Product Working

Just no! Tingling is your body’s way of telling you that it’s in great discomfort. Unless specified otherwise, if any skincare product (natural or store bought) starts making your skin tingle, burn, or feel rather uncomfortable all through the duration you’re wearing it, it doesn’t mean that it’s working overtime to give you that glow. It actually means that your skin is reacting to it, and therefore needs to be wiped off immediately. 

Mistake #3: Sunscreen Doesn’t Matter

Sunscreen does matter. It matters a lot. With the rise in pollution and the increase in intensity of UV rays, wearing sun protection at all times when outside is a necessity. While older generations may find it frivolous, it is common knowledge now that sunscreen is one of the most essential skincare products one has to invest in. Not only does it protect your skin from the damage thanks to UV rays, it also prevents the chances of developing skin cancer. 

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Mistake #4: Drying Oily Skin Out

Got oily skin? One of the biggest mistakes one makes is to dry it out. Using harsh cleansers and skipping a moisturiser, won’t just remove excess oil, it will also strip your skin off its natural oils. This in turn, sends your sebum glands into overdrive, eventually producing even more oil, resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. The key is to strike a balance even if you’ve got too much oil. Apply a mattifying moisturiser that will help keep your skin oils at bay, rather than stripping it all away and leave your skin with a natural sheen, rather than a full-blown shine.

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Mistake #5: Scrubbing Away…Literally!

Exfoliation is good. Over-exfoliation isn’t. A lot of the time, we’ve been subjected to literally scrubbing the dirt off using abrasive formulas. This age-old practice doesn’t serve your skin any good—instead, it over-exfoliates and causes microtears in the skin, which damages its protective barrier. Always ensure that the scrub or exfoliator that you are using is gentle on the skin and does the job without damaging the surface. You can either opt for a creamy scrub or a chemical exfoliator which will help do the job. Stick to exfoliating the skin only twice a week (in spaced out intervals), as this gives the skin enough time to recover and regenerate.

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Mistake #6: The Longer The Better For A Face Mask

Ever sat with a face mask for more than an hour because it’s better for the skin? This age-old practice is actually a myth. When it comes to face masks, leaving it on for more than the duration mentioned (or even after it has dried completely), doesn’t ensure more efficacy. As a matter of fact, depending on the ingredients in the mask, it can actually dry the skin out and irritate it too. Stick to once a week applications for dry skin, and twice a week applications for oily skin. 

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Mistake  #7: Anti-Ageing Is Only For The Aged

Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, anti-ageing isn’t only meant for those experiencing the signs of skin ageing, but also for those who want to slow it down. Ingredients like vitamin C and retinols, can be incorporated into skincare routines at a young age of 30, as well. This helps slow down your skin’s ageing at a cellular level, and prevents symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles showing up before time. 

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