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7 Ingenious Men’s Fragrances Any Collector Will Love!

Meet the men’s fragrances that are beautiful inside and out –– by this we mean that they are packaged in bottles that look as divine as they smell. Embodying the spirit of the fragrance, its origins, and the person it is designed for, these bottles aren’t just a sight for sore eyes. They are actually quite innovative and rather creative, making them the perfect pieces for your shelves too. Scroll down to see the ingenious men’s fragrances that you can find at Parcos that he’s bound to love.


Moncler Pour Homme EDP-Mens-Fragrance-Parcos-Luxezine

#1 – Moncler Pour Homme EDP

If you are looking to make a statement, you’ll love Moncler’s flask-shaped bottles that have a revolutionary LED strip which can be customised to show a message of your choice. The futuristic metallic flasks perfectly encapsulate the brand’s adventurous spirit & alpine roots. It’s truly the perfect marriage of technology & luxury.

#2 – Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal For Him Eau De Toilette

Wear the crown and wear it proud –– this men’s fragrance is about celebrating victories. With top notes of clary sage, heart notes of caramel, and base notes of vetiver, this fragrance has an addictive, woody oriental scent. The bottle comes with a gold and red cap in the shape of a crown, which is reflective of the soul of the perfume.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal For Him Eau De Toilette_Mens-Fragrance_Parcos-Luxezine
Phantom for Men Eau De Toilette_Mens-Fragrance_Parcos-Luxezine

#3 – Phantom for Men Eau De Toilette

Rocketing into the future, this fragrance brings together what lies ahead! It houses its futuristic scent in a bottle that is shaped like a robot. Representing the juxtaposition between luxury craftsmanship and new-technology, the fragrance is energising and totally irresistible. With sparkling top notes of citrus, heart notes of lavender, and base notes of vanilla, its iconic scent leaves you feeling good, for a long, long time. And the unique bottle is definitely worthy of your collection.

#4 – Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Eau De Toilette

Bring home the trophy fragrance with this vibrant, vital, and vigorous scent. The woody amber accords entice your senses from the first whiff itself. The fragrance opens up with a black pepper and orange flower, only to move towards its heart notes of laurel leaf and whiskey cream. The intensity heightens with salty black and ambergris accords settling in with its base notes.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense Eau De Toilette_Parcos-Luxezine
Issey Miyake Fusion d'Issey EDT_Parcos-Luxezine

#5 – Issey Miyake Fusion d’Issey EDT

The label’s iconic fragrance for men, brings in freshness in all its glory. The solar fougere accord starts off with top notes of lemon essence and coconut water. The heart notes of sandalwood and mineral solar accord, however, are what eventually grabs your attention. Finally the base notes of patchouli essence add aromatic touch to the fragrance. It’s a masculine fragrance in all its glory. The bottle is quite simplistic, but elegant.

#6 – Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette

An iconic men’s fragrance known for its scent and its packaging, this perfume comes packed in an eye-catching gold bar. Known as the scent of success, the fragrance is elegant yet intoxicating and settles into a spicy leather accord that’s fresh. The top notes open up to blood mandarine and peppermint, while the heart notes move more towards rose absolute and cinnamon. The fragrance comes together with its base notes of leather accord and amberketal.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau De Toilette_Mens-Fragance_Parcos-Luxezine
Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Eau De Toilette_Parcos-Luxezine

#7 – Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Eau De Toilette

Designed for the sensitive yet confident ‘bad boy’ in every man, this fragrance is not just popular for its scent but also its packaging. The lightning shaped bottle captures the multiple facets of contemporary manhood in this electrifying  package. The top notes of black pepper, white pepper, and italian green bergamot introduce the fragrance to its fresh and spicy notes. The heart notes of cedarwood and sage bring that aromatic touch to the scent, while the base notes of tonka beans and absolut of cocoa give it that sweet and nutty flavour. Electric in every way –– this bottle is definitely one for the shelves.

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