Best Selling Fragrances - For Father's Day Gifts

The Best-Selling Men’s Fragrances For Each Personality

When it comes to gifting for men, you often find yourself in a rut. Although there are a plethora of options available, it takes a little extra effort to find what fits him best. If you still find yourself running around in circles, then you’ve come to the right place. Where practical gifting meets luxurious style, we have narrowed down the bestselling, most popular men’s fragrances available at Parcos that are perfect for him, no matter what the occasion.

The “Cool” Dad

Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette

Think Phil from Modern Family! This man is the fun-loving one, the type who hangs out with your friends, has enough pop culture knowledge to hold a conversation, but can also embarrass you tonnes, when he gets started with his dad jokes. This aquatic fragrance is for the man full of character and individuality. The fragrance opens up to happy notes of fresh citrus and florals, and settles into a spicy, musky, and woody zone. Perfect for the quirky and fun guy, who keeps calling himself “cool”.

Father's Day - Armani Fragrances - Parcos
Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue_Parcos - Luxezine

The Traveller

Montblanc Explorer Ultra Blue EDP

For the man who is all about the journey and the destination. He’s the man behind the family holiday plans, and the solo trips he loves taking. Inspired by the blue sky, seas, and mountains, this men’s fragrance embodies the explorer within him. The notes of citrus, marine accord, patchouli, and leathery facets, embrace the adventurous spirit that is bursting at the seams from this “traveller”.

The Sophisticated Gentleman

Coach for Men EDT

This is the businessman who loves his suits and is always on the go! He’s up to date on the news, what’s trending, and loves all the finer things that life has to offer. This aromatic woody scent is energetic and embodies the spontaneity of the urban man. The notes of pear nashi, cardamom, and vetiver all blend beautifully to leave him with a scent that’ll definitely turn heads. 

Coach For Men_Luxezine

The Outdoorsy Guy

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Wood&Wood EDP

Forests, camps, greenery, if this is his vibe then he’s an outdoors kind of guy! He loves his time away from the city and loves immersing himself in nature. This fragrance encapsulates that love for nature through its citrusy notes of grapefruit essence, woody notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli. It’s intense yet poetic, making it a perfect match.


Hugo Boss Iced Eau De Toilette

This one is for the cool, savvy, and stylish man. He is a boss in the office and a fun party host at home. The woody fragrance has notes of iced mint, frozen wild tea, and masculine vetiver, and comes in a cocktail shaker style bottle which makes it perfect for the shelves too.

Hugo Boss Iced- Parcos India
Kenneth Cole Black Bold_Luxezine

The Bold Man

Kenneth Cole Black Bold Eau De Parfum

He’s bold, he isn’t afraid to take risks and lives life on the edge. He is full of dark humour and is the life of every party. This fragrance is bold and daring and pushes the boundaries with strength, power, and confidence. Its woody aromatic scent comprises notes of zesty mandarin and frozen ginger, ancient cedar leaf and ground nutmeg, and a gentle blend of black and blonde woods, suede, violet leaves, soft musk, and ambergris.

The Modern Man

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero EDP 100 ML

This is for the contemporary and bold guy. His personality exudes the modern lifestyle, but somehow he always manages to find time for his family. He is up to date on all things social media too! The Jimmy Choo Urban Hero fragrance is inspired by the environment this man lives in. It combines the freshness of lemon caviar with the spiciness of black pepper, and laces it with rosewood, vetiver, grey amber, and leather accord.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero - Parcos_Luxezine
Missoni Wave_Luxezine-India

The Sports Lover

Missoni Wave EDT

Cricket, football, tennis, you name it and he follows each and every match. He might or might not be a pro at it, but he will always be “game” for any game. This fresh and bright fragrance comes with citrus, aquatic, aromatic, and woody notes that rejuvenate the senses.

The Zen Man

Boss Bottled Tonic Eau De Toilette

This is the ‘cool as a cucumber’ guy, who leaves everything up to fate. He’s the one who tells you not to worry when you’re most stressed and is truly connected with his inner-self. The fragrance is a representation of the energy he embodies. It has an oriental fruity scent that bursts with that same energy.

Boss Bottled Tonic Eau De Toilette_Parcos