A chord in fragrance refers to a combination of three or more scent notes that are blended together to create a distinct and harmonious aroma. These notes can be natural, synthetic, or a combination of both, and are carefully selected and combined to create a unique fragrance profile.

Chords are typically used as the heart of a fragrance and are responsible for its character and personality. They can range from floral and fruity to spicy and woody, and each chord has its own unique set of characteristics that contribute to the overall fragrance experience. Creating a successful chord requires a deep understanding of fragrance composition and the ability to balance multiple scent notes in just the right way. A unique and complex chord will make a fragrance stand out from the rest.

Chords are often used in combination with other fragrance components, such as top notes and base notes, to create a layered and multi-dimensional fragrance experience. Like music, by carefully selecting and blending different chords, perfumers can create fragrances that are complex, nuanced, and long-lasting.