Cut Crease

One of the most popular eyeshaow techniques, ‘Cut crease’ creates a defined and dramatic eye look that’s sure to turn heads. The technique involves using eyeshadow to create a sharp, precise line in the crease of the eye that separates the lid color from the brow bone. This creates a bold contrast that makes the eyes appear larger and more defined.

How to create a cut crease?

To create a cut crease, first, a base color is applied to the entire eyelid. Then, using a small, flat brush, a darker shade of eyeshadow is applied to the crease area and blended outwards. Then you follow the natural shape of the lid to ‘cut the crease’ with concealer. The concealer should be applied with a small brush and blended outwards, creating a clean line. Once the crease is defined, a lighter shade of eyeshadow is applied to the lid area and blended into the crease color. You can also use a shimmer or glitter shadow for a sparkling effect.
The cut crease technique can be used with a variety of eyeshadow colors and finishes, making it a versatile technique for any makeup look. It can be paired with a bold winged eyeliner or a natural, subtle eye makeup look.