Draping is a makeup technique that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves using blush to contour and highlight the face, creating a natural-looking sculpted effect and adding a natural flush with the use of blush. The technique is inspired by the draping method in fashion, which involves creating folds and drapes in fabric to create a three-dimensional effect.

How to drape?

To achieve the draping effect in makeup, a blush palette with different shades is used. The key to achieving a natural look with draping is to blend the shades well so that there are no harsh lines. Draping is a great alternative to traditional contouring, which can sometimes look too harsh. It is a softer, more subtle way to contour the face, and it can be used to enhance the natural features of the face. For example, a peachy blush can be used to bring out the warmth in the cheeks, while a rose blush can be used to create a subtle sculpted effect.

Draping can also be used to create different looks depending on the occasion. For a natural daytime look, a light pink blush can be used to create a fresh, dewy effect. For a more dramatic nighttime look, a deeper shade of blush can be used to create a more intense sculpted effect.