Fixatives are essential ingredients used to help prolong the scent of a fragrance and ensure it remains stable over time. Fixatives are used to anchor the top and heart notes of a fragrance to the skin, allowing the scent to develop and last for a longer period. A fixative is typically a natural or synthetic substance that has a strong and long-lasting scent. Some common fixatives used in fragrance include musk, amber, benzoin, and labdanum. These ingredients are often added to a fragrance formulation in small amounts, as they can blend with and enhance the other ingredients in the fragrance.

In addition to their scent-enhancing properties, fixatives also play an important role in stabilizing fragrances over time. Without a fixative, a fragrance may evaporate quickly or change in scent due to the natural breakdown of the ingredients. By adding a fixative, perfumers can help ensure that the fragrance remains true to its original scent profile and lasts for a longer period. When selecting a fixative for a fragrance, perfumers consider the overall scent profile of the fragrance and how the fixative will blend with the other ingredients. Different fixatives have different properties and can enhance or alter the scent of the fragrance in different ways.