Neutralizing in the beauty industry is the process of counteracting unwanted colors or tones in the skin. This can be done using a variety of products such as color-correcting primers, concealers, or powders. The purpose of neutralizing is to balance out any discoloration or undertones in the skin, creating a more even toned base for makeup application. For example, green neutralizers can be used to cancel out any redness or blemishes on the skin, while peach or orange shades can help to neutralize blue or purple under-eye circles.

The key to successful neutralizing is to select the correct shade for the particular skin concern you are trying to address, which is where the colour wheel comes into play. For instance, someone with fair skin and blue under-eye circles would benefit from using a peach or orange-toned corrector, while someone with darker skin and the same issue might opt for a deeper shade of orange or red. When it comes to application, it’s important to apply the neutralizing product with a light hand and blend it well to avoid any harsh lines or patches. After the neutralizer is applied, it’s best to follow up with a foundation or concealer in a skin-matching shade to complete the look.