Skin Cycling

Skin cycling is a skincare trend that involves adjusting your skincare routine to correspond with your skin’s natural cycles. This approach recognizes that the skin undergoes a range of changes over the course of a month, and that adjusting your skincare routine to match these changes can help to optimize its health and appearance.

The skin cycle is typically divided into four stages, each lasting around one week. During the first week, the skin is in a regeneration phase, where it is shedding old skin cells and preparing to create new ones. During the second week, the skin is in a building phase, where it is working to repair any damage and build collagen and elastin. The third week is the peak of the skin cycle, where the skin is at its healthiest and most radiant. During the final week, the skin is in a shedding phase, where it is preparing to slough off dead skin cells and start the cycle anew.

To incorporate skin cycling into your routine, you would adjust your skincare products and routine to correspond with these different stages. For example, during the regeneration phase, you might focus on gentle exfoliation and nourishing hydration to help support the skin’s natural shedding process. During the building phase, you might use products with active ingredients like retinoids or vitamin C to help support collagen and elastin production. During the peak week, you might use lighter, more hydrating products to help enhance the skin’s natural radiance. Finally, during the shedding phase, you might focus on gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing to help clear away dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the next cycle. While skin cycling can be a helpful approach for some people, it is important to note that everyone’s skin is unique and may not follow the same cycle. Additionally, skin cycling may not be suitable for those with sensitive or reactive skin, as it can involve using different products and ingredients throughout the month. As with any new skincare approach, it is important to start slowly and listen to your skin to determine what works best for you.