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In conversation with Sonali Vengurlekar – Head trainer, Fragrances at Baccarose

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect fragrance that captures your unique personality and style? Introducing Sonali Vengurlekar – Head trainer, Fragrances at Baccarose, who has a passion for scents, and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise with you, guiding you through the intricacies of fragrance and helping you discover the perfect notes to match your unique personality.

classic fragrances - Parcos Luxezine

Any classic fragrances that are shelf worthy? These are fragrances that have an iconic bottle?

A legend once said, fashion fades, style remains! It is the same with fragrances. Just like a classic suit, a sherwani, an elegant evening gown or a hand-woven silk saree that have been the go-to style for time eternal, there are certain classic fragrances that can never fade.

These are fragrances that wish to portray the classic & simple elegance like quiet luxury without being influenced by ‘what’s trending’. Earthy and fresh notes, fresh florals, woody and spicy notes, rich & warm florals are the notes that these fragrances revolve around. Rather than experimenting with shapes for the flacons, they rely on simple elegance with clean lines and understated luxury.

They that have the certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and make you keep coming back for more.

What sort of notes should one look out for in a classic fragrances?

Fragrances with notes of lavender, sage or green notes perfectly blended with precious woods like cedar or sandalwood for men. Mysterious and seductive notes of Patchouli add that classic masculinity to a fragrance. Earthy notes of Vetiver add freshness and depth.

For women it could be notes of intoxicating tuberose blended with the sensuality of vanilla. The freshness of jasmine or the innocence of rose blended with the powdery freshness of orris and sandalwood.

classic fragrances - Parcos Luxezine
classic fragrances - Parcos Luxezine

Could you please share a few fragrance families recommendations for different seasons?

Fruity, fresh, and light floral scents are more popular because people associate it with a sense of happiness and lightness which compliment warm climate.

Fragrances notes intensify with warmth, fragrances with lighter middle and base notes are more advisable in summer as opposed to intense notes that may become too heady in tropical weather. Which is why the lighter, fresher, citrus or aquatic fragrances are popular in India.

Conversely, spicy and warm scents may be popular in parts of the country that experience temperate climates. Warm, Spicy, Oriental fragrances work well in cooler climates.

The simple rule to apply, your fragrance should contrast the weather.

The warmer the climate the fresher your fragrance, just like how we prefer linens, cottons, georgettes in summer. The light breezy character of these fabrics are the similar notes that one should look for in fragrances.

The cooler the climate the warmer your fragrance. Let your fragrances give you the warmth of a soft cashmere shawl or a leather jacket.

Could you please share a few fragrance notes that are androgynous and not bound by gender

If there’s one rule to follow when wearing a fragrance, it is that, there is no rule!

While in the classic sense, florals are recommended for women, but remember there was time when women weren’t allowed to wear pants! Need I say more?

Similarly, woody spicy fragrances were considered masculine, but then, the male colour palette for clothes was restricted to the blacks, grey, beige and whites. You get the drift, right?

Wear what you like. Choose a fragrance that brings out personality, a fragrance that compliments your character. A brand that creates distinctive unisex fragrances is Serge Lutens.

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