Monsoon Skincare & Makeup

Monsoon Beauty: How To Tweak Your Skincare, Makeup, & Fragrance Choices For The Rains

Better late than never! After a rather long heat spell, we’ve finally been blessed with the much anticipated monsoons. While it’s only been a few weeks since the grey skies have showered us with their presence, the monsoons have surely hit us hard. This change in weather brings along cool winds and a rather cosy feeling—but it also means increased humidity and temperature fluctuations (amongst other things) are all added to this shift. From a higher risk of breaking out to random makeup meltdowns and everything in between, let’s agree that the monsoons can be a little harsh to your regular beauty routine. For times like these, it’s important to tweak your regime to suit the weather and your needs. Read on, as we break down a few tips on how to tweak your skincare products, makeup routine, and fragrance choices to fit perfectly into the monsoon season.


Shiseido Primer - Luxezine

Tip #1 – Primer Is Your BFF

Primer is the foundation to your…well, foundation. Wearing a primer during the monsoons creates a strong base that keeps the rest of your makeup in place. Go for an oil-free primer that’ll help blur those pores, while keeping your makeup in place for a longer period of time.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Soft Blurring Primer

Tip #2 – Avoid Heavy Foundations

The reason why we mention this is that heavy foundations often lead to clogged pores during the monsoons. The combination of sweat, dirt, dust, and pollution doesn’t do any good for your skin. Switch out your foundation for a lightweight BB or CC cream—think lightweight formulas that give you light coverage, but don’t weigh your skin down.

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DDPM Long Lasting Foundation - Luxezine
Sisley Kohl - Luxezine

Tip #3 – Use Everything Waterproof

This goes without saying, but always wear waterproof, smudge-proof makeup—from your mascara to your setting powder, ensure that the formula locks itself in, so that no matter how heavy the rain it won’t melt away. We also suggest investing in a makeup setting spray, especially if you want to go a little heavy on the base. This will keep your makeup in place and will also prevent it from smudging. Avoid liquid eyeliners and opt for kajal pencils, as this’ll reduce the chances of panda eyes, in case you get caught in the rain.

Sisley Phyto-Khol Perfect N°1 Black


Tip #1: Cleanse Away

The high humidity levels paired with the dust, dirt, and pollution, can often push your pores to get clogged. It’s important to keep splashing your skin with water throughout the day. For your regular AM and PM use, ensure that you are using a soap-free gentle cleanser that helps remove traces of dirt, grime, and excess oil, while maintaining your skin’s natural oil levels.

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Sisley Cleanser - Luxezine
DDPM - Luxezine

Tip #2 – Make Sure To Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week, will help eliminate dead skin cells and will also dive deep into your pores and cleanse them off any dirt. This also aids in keeping breakouts at bay. Plus, since monsoon and dullness tend to go hand-in-hand, regular exfoliation will help keep skin bright and radiant too.

Diego dalla Palma Milano Skin Renewing Exfoliating Lotion

Sisley Gentle Facial Buffing Cream

Shiseido Waso Soft + Cushy Polisher

Tip #3 – Moisturise With Something Lightweight

Again, humidity plays a huge role in climate conditions during the rainy season. This causes excess oil production and can also lead to sweat—which as you already know, isn’t the best environment for healthy skin. Make sure to moisturise your skin with a lightweight formula, preferably something gel or water-based. This will prevent the skin from getting excessively oily, which in turn reduces breakouts, dullness, and even the appearance of large pores.

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Sisley Mattifying Moisturising Skincare With Tropical Resins

Diego dalla Palma Milano Light Moisturizing Gel Cream
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Shiseido Waso
Shiseido Sunscreen - Luxezine

Tip #4 – Always Wear Sunscreen

This goes without saying! No matter how cloudy or dull the weather is outside, even if you cannot see the sun, you need to apply sunscreen. UV rays penetrate through the clouds and can be as damaging to the skin, as it would on a bright and sunny day. If you feel like your regular sunscreen might be too sticky for the weather, then switch to a matte gel sunscreen for a better effect. Make sure the formula is at least water-resistant (if not waterproof), to prevent it from melting away in case it pours down. 

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Tip #1 – Rethink Your Notes

Yes, fragrances are a rather personal choice and while not everyone tends to go with the climate when it comes to picking their fragrances, there are some notes that automatically dominate the season. In this case, on the one hand monsoon calls for fresher, greener, floral, citrus notes, while on the other, the cosy climate makes for a great space for warmer, sweeter, and muskier notes. But then again, it’s all up to your personal choice. If you’re someone looking to refresh your senses, then a citrus-based fragrance is the way to go. 

If you’re feeling romantic and want to tie the entire vibe of the season, then a floral perfume with notes of gardenia and rose will do you good.

Reminiscent of the monsoons would be notes of green herbs, fresh cut leaves, and wet grass, all of which lend to that rainy season effect.

Want to settle into the cosiness? Then the notes of vanilla, patchouli, or musk, will surely bring a warm embrace to the weather.

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Narciso Rodriguez Narciso EDP Cristal

Narciso Cristal - Luxezine
CH Good Girl - Luxezine

Tip #2 – Look At Longer-Lasting Scents

The base of your fragrance (EDP, EDT or cologne) will make a whirlwind of a difference to its longevity. During monsoons, the fluctuating temperatures and high humidity levels can cause the fragrance to evaporate from your skin quickly. Therefore, it’s best to go for high concentrations—and if you are opting for a cologne, then make sure you layer it properly for maximum effect.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Parfum