#NewAtParcos: Essential Parfums

From perfumer directly to consumer, Essential Parfums was founded with a rebellious spirit and an aim to bring back the soul of haute perfumery. With over 25 years of expertise in the fragrance universe, the brand works with the best master and senior perfumers in the world—giving them a blank canvas to work with and tap into their most creative selves, sans any boundaries. Each fragrance is carefully curated by the experts to create a masterpiece that tells a story with each and every note. 

The fragrances are formulated with some of the most carefully sourced and sustainable ingredients, all of which come together to create a sensorial masterpiece. Working with natural ingredients, the complexity of the scents speak for themselves through subtle yet sophisticated notes. The brand’s philosophy is simple—to incorporate a handful of precious natural ingredients, rather than a discord of synthetic ingredients. Their EDPs are concentrated at 16 per cent, where the alcohol present in the perfumes are made of beetroot (without the purple-red colour, of course).

Essential Parfums views perfumery as a work of art and an expression of each perfumer’s creativity—it’s a blank canvas just waiting for the artist to get inspired and bring their best. Therefore the star of each of these fragrances, are the fragrances themselves, rather than the gimmicky fluff that goes around it. With Essential Parfums, the scent is the hero and is the only element that is meant to steal the spotlight. Making haute perfumery affordable and accessible for all, each fragrance is a creative expression of the perfumer, made just for you!

Essential Parfums worth diving into

Musk Perfume India - Luxezine

Essential Parfum The Musc Eau De Parfum

Made by perfumer Calice Becker, The Musc subtly blends fresh, honeyed, and warm notes, to create a fragrance masterpiece. Known as one of the most respected perfumers in the world, The Musc is reminiscent of Becker’s need to intrigue the senses, as she believes nothing catches one’s attention more than the unexpected.
The scent opens with top notes of Laos red ginger and French natural lavandin grosso. Here’s where Becker’s signature comes into play—bringing in the unexpected, the creamy and sweet tones of honey come through the beeswax at the heart of the fragrance. This along with the Nirvanolide musk, brings a warm note to the scent. Finally, the base note of Australia’s natural sandalwood blends in and creates a warm, woody tone that lasts the night away.

Essential Parfum Divine Vanille Eau De Parfum

A sweet and floral fragrance by perfumer Oliver Pescheux, this one is a scent you just can’t ignore. Known for his ability to ‘sculpt’ his raw materials in fragrances, Pescheux has a modern and unconventional approach. His belief is to be authentic, which truly reflects in his composition of fragrances.
An homage to the Madagascar vanille absolute, Divine Vanille opens up to top notes of cinnamon, clary sage, and black pepper, all of which bring a spicy start to the scent. The heart notes of incense, osmanthus, and pomarose, give the fragrance a fruity and warm undertone. Finally, the base notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Venezuelan tonka beans, Laos benzoin, Texan cedar, Indonesian patchouli, and musk add a mysterious and warm essence to the fragrance.
It is sensual, elegant, and infused with a whole lot of mystery. 

Divine Vanilla Perfume India - Luxezine
Orange x Santal Essential Parfums - Luxezine

Essential Parfum Orange X Santal Eau De Parfum

A fresh fragrance by perfumer Natalie Gracia-Cetto, this fragrance is reminiscent of the Italian coast. Drawing inspiration from her love for music, literature, photography, every perfume she creates reflects her experiences. Her signature? To find a balance between lightness and depth, rigor and poetry—using contrasting notes to create masterpieces. Orange X Santal is bright, refreshing, and embraces you from the first whiff itself.
A dance of oranges, the fragrance blends Italian natural orange bitter orpur and a natural orange bitter oil to create a balancing act of bitter and sweet. The Egyptian basil essential oil adds that aromatic touch to the top notes of the fragrance. Bringing a chypre accord, French oak moss takes over your senses, eventually paving the way for a woody French cypress wood and Australian sandalwood.
This is what brings an oaky, woody essence to the aromatic fragrance, tying the entire fresh scent together.

Essential Parfum Rose Magnetic Eau De Parfum

A woody fragrance by perfumer Sophie Labbe, this one is sensuality packed in a bottle. It is playful, addictive, with a touch of modern, contemporary finesse—something the expert set out to do, before creating the fragrance. Her process involves chalking out the perfume’s story, before creating it—words, to ingredients, to fragrance.
This particular fragrance hosts a blend of rose essential and abolsu Turkish rose, paired with notes of bitter grapefruit and fresh peppermint. It has sweet hints of lychee and natural vanilla bean, which break the femininity of the rose. The natural cedarwood and musks add to the sensuality, giving this scent an intoxicating and irresistible character.

Rose Magnetic Parfum - Luxezine
Mon Vetiver Perfume India - Luxezine

Essential Parfum Mon Vetiver Eau De Parfum

An aromatic fragrance by Bruno Jovanovic, this fragrance plays around with the natural essence of Haitian vetiver. Considered as one of the most talented perfumers of his generation, Jovanovic believes that a perfume and its notes are an idea that can be reduced to a simple definition. Mon Vetiver is charismatic and elegant, but leaves you with a surprising twist. The fragrance hosts notes of gin accord, Mexican lime, and juniper essence. Natural lavandin and gentian intensify the scent while cashmere wood and natural Indonesian patchouli add warmth and depth to the perfume.

Essential Parfum Nice Bergamote Eau De Parfum

A fruity fragrance by perfumer Anton Maisondieu, this perfume leaves you with a refreshing burst of energy. Paying tribute to the aristocratic beauty of Calabrian bergamot, the top notes of the finest natural bergamot gives this fragrance a bright and sunny start. Once the burst of energy dies down, you’ll find a sublime mix of natural floral accords of rose petals, jasmine, and ylang ylang, from the Comoros Archipelago which bring a delicate and feminine touch to the rejuvenating scent. Finally, precious cedarwood brings that element of warmth in its base notes which is then subtly sweetened and softened by Venezuelan tonka beans. The ylang ylang is sustainably sourced and extracted in a manner that lowers the impact on the local ecosystem. 

Essential Parfums India - Luxezine
Essential Parfums India

Essential Parfum Bois Imperial Eau De Parfum

This woody fragrance made by perfumer Quentin Bisch has a spicy and fresh tone to it. Bisch’s approach is reminiscent of that of a theatrical performance director—it’s magical, tells a story, has careful embellishments, that are all packed with surprising dramatics one wouldn’t expect.
Notes of Thai Basil leaves, sparkling and peppery Nepalese Timut pepper absolute, give Bois Imperial its signature scent. The Haitian vetiver oil adds a strong cedarwood note to the scent, which combines beautifully with the floral petallia. Finally, tying the entire fragrance together sits Majestic Akigalawood which is exclusive to the brand, and is upcycled from patchouli through a biotechnology process. It brings a spicy woody essence to the fragrance and gives it an aromatic tone.

Essential Parfum Fig Infusion Eau De Parfum

Reminiscent of a light, sunny day in the south of France, the perfumer Nathalie Lorson draws inspiration from it to create a delightful fragrance. Lorson draws inspiration from minimalism—each raw material she uses is necessary and serves a purpose to the fragrance. According to her, the simplest formulas are the most difficult to create, but that’s what makes them stand out. With aromatic accords, the top notes of fig blends in beautifully with the juicy citrus mandarin and clementine. At the heart of the fragrance lies freesia and orange blossom, bringing a floral touch to it. Eventually, the Sri Lankan black tea lends an aromatic olfactory to the scent. Finally, the wood accords of Virginian cedarwood and the creaminess of sandalwood, gives the fragrance its intensity and woodiness. Simple yet eclectic, the fragrance is pure and made without the extra frills—it’s about quality, which stays true to the essence Lorson brings to her compositions. 

Fig Imperial Perfume India