Flower By Kenzo L'absolue_Parcos Luxezine

#NewAtParcos: Flower By Kenzo L’Absolue

In 2000 designer Kenzo Takada took the world by storm with the launch of his eponymous fragrance, Flower by Kenzo, a declaration of love to nature and flowers. The designer was known to repeat, “I absolutely love flowers.” Over the years, the vibrant poppy that’s evocative of Flower by Kenzo has gained an iconic position in the world of perfumery.  Now, the poppy is blossoming with even more strength, giving life to Flower By Kenzo L’Absolue – the most intense and sophisticated version of this iconic fragrance.

The Story

Flower By Kenzo L’Absolue has been composed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the nose behind the very first Flower By Kenzo fragrance. The newly launched fragrance depicts a spicy and sophisticated facet of the poppy with an infusion of the most precious spice: saffron. The dreamlike Eau de Parfum captures the strength and fragility of the poppy and explores the heart, powerful in its very essence.

Flower By Kenzo L'absolue_Parcos Luxezine

The Packaging

The brand continues to use the signature bottle silhouette – a minimalist ode to poppies strikingly encapsulated within a slender glass flacon. Smart redesigns make the packaging more eco-friendly. 15% recycled glass, a reduction of plastic content in caps by 25% and cardboard packaging from sustainably managed FSC forests as well as bio-based plant inks are some of the modifications to look out for.

The Notes

Who better to take us through the journey of creating a fragrance, than the nose behind the fragrance – master perfumer, Alberto Morillas, who says, “I have chosen to take this iconic signature into its most intense and sophisticated dimension. I have composed this new interpretation with precious raw ingredients, particularly saffron, red gold. I also chose Damask Rose, Flower’s iconic flower, but treated in its absolute form for the first time in this family. Flower By Kenzo L’Absolue is the fragrant illustration of a super bloom of poppies.”

Flower by Kenzo L'Absolue-Parcos Luxezine

What’s The Hype

Think of this fragrance as the perfect date night fragrance, its seductive notes come alive on skin, and will give you an air of ‘femme fatale’ confidence. Each spritz will take you on a journey across the globe, thanks to ingredients like Damask Rose grown in Turkey, Tunisian Orange Blossom and Indian Tuberose. These precious ingredients are precisely blended by the exacting standards of a true virtuoso. For eg: the bitter-sweet notes of saffron are brought to life using traditional techniques of infusion. It’s a gentle and slow process, which makes it possible to extract the olfactory richness of the most fragile ingredients while respecting them.

Which is why we say this floral fragrance is worth the hype!