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#NewAtParcos: The Merchant Of Venice Flamant Rose Eau De Parfum

Flamant Rose EDP Concentrée is a captivating new niche fragrance for women, by The Merchant of Venice that pays homage to the graceful and distinctive pink flamingo. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and luminous plumage of the flamingo, Flamant Rose EDP Concentrée showcases the brand’s signature: a deep connection to its Venetian roots, carefully selected perfume ingredients in high concentration, and exquisite attention to detail in both the bottle and packaging.

Flamant Rose - Parcos Luxezine

About The Fragrance

The first spritz is instantly invigorating. You are treated to a sumptuously layered fragrance that greets you with a trio of zesty mandarin, refreshing petitgrain that is extracted from the bitter orange tree, and vibrant verbena. As the fragrance interacts with your skin, the heart notes of orange blossom, fruity yet subtle apricot, and powdery geranium combine to impart a luscious sweetness, creating an alluring aura that draws people closer. Finally, the fragrance settles into a soft oriental base, where the richness of patchouli, the warmth of tonka bean, and the sensuality of musk intertwine to leave an unforgettable impression.

About The Bottle

With Flamant Rose, you are treated to a visual delight, even before you open the meticulously crafted box. The pattern of flamingos against a backdrop of stunning golden accents is absolutely iconic. With this launch, The Merchant of Venice presents a classic shaped flacon reminiscent of the exquisite masterpieces crafted by Murano glass artisans. The glazed bottle is emblazoned in vivid warm coral tones and a single flamingo feather features on its side, once again recalling the inspiration. The pièce de résistance is the domed golden cap, only reserved for the brand’s most exclusive launches.

Flamant Rose - Parcos Luxezine
Flamant Rose - Parcos Luxezine

A Review Of Flamant Rose

Like any great niche fragrance, it’s the meticulous attention to detail that sets this fragrance apart. Flamant Rose is a fragrance that encapsulates the perfect balance between delicate nuances and extravagance. Even a single spritz takes you on a sensorial journey – from a burst of energy, that then settles down into a luscious warmth that graces your skin. This fragrance would be perfect for evening wear and would be a great pick for a signature scent for your wedding – to be worn on the most special days.
The captivating packaging, flacon and fragrance story add a touch of luxury to the overall experience. Go ahead and embrace the elegance of the pink flamingo with Flamant Rose EDP Concentrée.

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