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10 Sophisticated Unisex Fragrances That Work Well For Men And Women

Fragrances are a very personal choice –– what tickles your senses, might not be up someone else’s alley and vice versa, and that’s alright. With that being said, the relationship between gender and fragrance also comes under the spotlight. Can a woman wear men’s perfume? Or can a man wear women’s fragrances? Since the perfume industry is one that goes way back to the past, a lot of the notes are stigmatised to gender norms –– rich musks and heavy woods for men, powdery flowers and fruity scents for women. And thankfully we’re in 2023 and this narrative is evolving! Although fragrances are still divided between genders, you’re not bound to select one based on it. And keeping that in mind, brands are curating fragrances that are gender-neutral and work for all.

unisex fragrances - Gucci Mémoire d'une Odeur Eau De Parfum - Parcos Luxezine

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur Eau De Parfum

A unique olfactive family, this fragrance bridges the gap between genders through its mineral and aromatic notes that balance the scales between what traditionally constitutes as feminine or masculine. The aromatic scent opens up to top notes of roman chamomile and bitter almond, only to settle into its heart notes of coral jasmine, jasmine petals, and musks. The base notes add a warmer, sweeter, and woody touch to this delicate fragrance –– the vanilla, cedarwood, and sandalwood, add depth to the fragrance. The perfect amalgamation of delicate florals with more intense woods, blurs the lines between gender and makes this fragrance a go-to for all.

Trussardi Le Vie di Milano Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Get transported to the streets of Milan with this Trussardi fragrance. The perfect blend of floral, oriental, and gourmand, makes this one for both men and women. And here’s why. The fragrance opens up to top notes of sweet and warm hazelnut, coffee, and cinnamon. The heart notes of coconut, tuberose, and jasmine sambac, intensify the sweetness, with a hint of floral added to it. This ensures that the fragrance isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. Finally, the base notes of cedarwood, vanilla absolute, and white musk bring that masculine energy to the scent, making this one for both him and her!

Trussardi Le Vie di Milano Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Parcos Luxezine
unisex fragrances - Serge Lutens Collection Noire Feminite du Bois EDP - Parcos Luxezine

Serge Lutens Collection Noire Feminite du Bois EDP

Inspired by the warm, honeyed scents of leatherwork stalls in Morocco, Noir Feminite du Bois was actually Serge Lutens’ first unisex perfume—which was revolutionary, especially in the 1990s. Part of the woody chypre fragrance family, the top notes open to very distinct cedar. The warmth of the cedar is immediately reflective of the origin story of the fragrance. In a few moments, the scent moves towards its heart notes of floral. Finally, the base notes of plum settle in, giving the fragrance more character.

Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel Louve EDP 

This off-beat, niche fragrance is another androgynous fragrance that stays true to its gender-neutral essence, thanks to its melodious notes that aren’t too masculine nor feminine. Part of the mohair fragrance family, the scent opens to its top notes of sweet almond, and then moves into its heart notes of musk. The sweetness and muskiness strike a balance that is all tied in when the base notes of hawthorn hit your senses. It’s the perfect example of how such simplistic notes can come together to create a complex fragrance that’s meant for all. 

unisex fragrances - Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel Louve EDP - Parcos Luxezine
unisex fragrances - M.Micallef Edenfalls Eau de Parfum - Parcos Luxezine

M.Micallef Edenfalls Eau de Parfum

A woody, citrusy, and aromatic fragrance, M.Micallef Edenfalls is a fragrance that is androgynous, all thanks to its balancing notes. Opening up to top notes of pink pepper, bergamot, and tangerine, the scent bursts into a fresh and citrusy essence. It instantly grabs your attention. The middle notes of coriander, jasmine, and neroli, slowly take over your senses, lending an almost delicate touch to the fragrance. Finally, the scent gets its balance with base notes of moss, musk, patchouli, and vanilla, giving the fragrance a deeper tonality.

Coco De Mer Zonm Eau de Parfum

Refresh and revitalise your senses with a fragrance that’ll take you back to tropical holidays gone by. Opening up to top notes of coco de mer, cardamom, and black pepper, the fragrance has an almost spicy, yet sweet embrace. The heart notes of Moroccan rose give the scent an almost feminine touch, that isn’t too overpowering. Finally, the base notes of patchouli, amber of labdanum, and oak musk, add dimension and depth, moving it away from being gender specific.

Coco De Mer Zonm Eau de Parfum - Parcos Luxezine
unisex fragrances - Valmont Storie Veneziane Mica D'oro - Parcos Luxezine

Valmont Storie Veneziane Mica D’oro

This oriental gourmand fragrance is fit for everyone thanks to its harmonious gender-neutral notes! It has top notes of rum, heart notes of chantilly, and base notes of bourbon vanilla. The top and base notes bring a bold touch to the very soft and delicate heart of the fragrance –– giving you the best of both worlds.

Kenzo Totem

Tapping into your creative and energetic side, Kenzo Totem is all about the balance between its floral and woody notes. The fragrance starts off with top notes of bitter orange that bring that burst of freshness, till its heart notes settle into a sweeter, more floral essence with lemon flower. Finally, the woodiness of its base notes from vetiver brings a sense of warmth to the fragrance, making it perfect for him, her, and all!

Kenzo Totem - Parcos Luxezine
unisex fragrances - Valmont Palazzo Nobile Sea Bliss - Parcos Luxezine

Valmont Palazzo Nobile Sea Bliss

This floral aquatic fragrance is one that’s meant for all! Its scent of the fresh marine breeze instantly entices your senses, leaving them intensely refreshed. The fragrance opens up to its marine notes that slowly blend into its heart of tiare flower, which bursts into a fresh and delicate scent. The final notes of musk is what plays up the subtle fragrance by giving it a warm and intense touch that lingers on. The balance of notes is what makes this perfume the perfect unisex go-to.

Calvin Klein CK All Eau De Toilette

Redefining gender norms and societal conventions, Calvin Klein’s All is a fragrance meant for all –– age, gender no bar!  Reinventing the iconic CK One, this fragrance brings together a mix of frozen citrus and soft flowers, with a touch of warm clearwood to give it its depth. The aromatic scent opens up to top notes of bergamot, frozen mandarin, grapefruit flower, and hiveral neo, while the heart notes of paradisone, coranol, lilyflore, rhubarb, and elemi settle in slowly. Finally base notes of clearwood, cachalox, habanolide musk, and vetiver, give the scent a unisex depth that will fit in comfortably with anyone and everyone. It’s a fragrance meant for the individual who isn’t bound by norms set in the past.

unisex fragrances - Calvin Klein CK All Eau De Toilette - Parcos Luxezine