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8 Winter Skincare Routine Rules for Glowing Skin

We’re finally in December, which means we’re quickly moving towards a climate that is cooler and drier. While the definition of winter, as well as its temperature might vary across the country, one thing is for sure, your skin pretty much behaves in a similar manner. The lack of moisture in the air, fluctuating temperature, can wreak havoc on the skin—which means that your regular skincare routine will definitely not cut it. During winter, skin not only gets drier than usual, but it also tends to look dull and lackluster and can even breakout unnecessarily. That is why, it is imperative to switch things up and tweak your skincare routine to suit the weather—you do it for your wardrobe, so why not extend that change to your winter skincare routine too? 

Winter Skincare Routine Rules - Luxezine

Winter Skincare Routine Rule #1:
Invest In A Rich Moisturiser

The weather outside can be frightful for your skin—the cooler temperature can strip your skin off its natural moisture, which’ll open the floodgates for a plethora of problems. One of the first tweaks one needs to make is to include a rich moisturiser, especially in the nighttime routine. Opt for a moisturiser that has a thicker cream-base, and contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients that’ll help strengthen the skin’s barrier. If you’ve got oily skin and feel like a rich moisturiser might be too heavy during the day, we recommend sticking to your lightweight moisturiser and only applying the richer one at night.

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #2:
Opt For Oils

No matter what your skin type, oils will be your BFF during winter. The constant fluctuation from warmer indoors to colder outdoors can cause the moisture-scales to tip and go off balance. This increases the risk of dry and flakey skin. Introducing a facial oil to your routine will help maintain moisture balance—it aids in retaining and locking in moisture into the layers of your skin, while acting as a protective barrier against transepidermal water loss. Those with oily skin too can opt for facial oils, as it prevents the skin from drying out, replenishes lost oils, and even controls sebum production, in turn preventing breakouts. It’s a win-win!

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #3:
Exfoliate, But Gently

While winters may not seem like an ideal time to exfoliate as it may lead to more dryness, it is important to get rid of those dead skin cells. Not exfoliating can result in dullness, as well as clogged pores, which will eventually lead to acne and breakouts. Rather than using a potent acid, we recommend switching your exfoliation to gentler formulations. Use active ingredients that are more suited for sensitive skin—this way you get all the benefits of an exfoliator, without having to disrupt or irritate the skin’s barrier. 

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #4:
Use A Hydrating Cleanser

Instead of opting for a lightweight cleanser, winter is the perfect time to introduce a creamy, oil or balm-based cleanser. Since your skin is drier and produces less oils during this period, it is important to use a cleanser that will moisturise and hydrate, without stripping the skin off its natural oils. If you’re wearing makeup, don’t forget to double-cleanse with a balm or oil cleanser which will help remove impurities and makeup, without irritating the skin and causing an imbalance.

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #5:
Give Your Lip Care Priority

Your lips are one of the most ignored parts of your skincare routine, and winter is the season to give your pout utmost priority. Always keep a nourishing lip balm handy—apply one that moisturises your lips and prevents them from cracking, flaking or peeling. Avoid using your saliva to moisturise. Contrary to popular belief, saliva contains enzymes that tend to dry the skin on your lips out, and therefore isn’t the best option for your pout, especially during winter.

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #6:
Think Calming Ingredients

It is normal for skin to get sensitive, dry, and inflamed during winters. The harsh climate can disrupt your skin’s natural barrier, resulting in redness and inflammation, and that is why we recommend looking for calming ingredients in your skincare products. Anti-inflammatory ingredients like cica, aloe vera, calendula, or niacinamide, gently soothe and calm the skin, while reducing any sort of redness or increased sensitivity. This is a must-have, especially if you reside in areas with extreme temperatures.

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #7:
Try An Overnight Face Mask

Did you know that your skin too follows a circadian rhythm? Its hydration levels begin to deplete in the afternoon and then all through the night. During winters, especially, it is best to invest in a good sleeping mask that’ll intensely hydrate the skin overnight while you get in your beauty sleep. They also contain ingredients like ceramides, which help soothe and calm any sort of inflammation, as well as, prevent skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis from flaring up.

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Winter Skincare Routine Rule #8:
Sunscreen Is Still Important

Although the days are shorter (and the sun’s not blaringly out) during winter, it doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t exposed to UV rays. Sunscreen needs to be a part of your daytime skincare routine, no matter what the weather. The sun’s rays during winter can be as harmful as those during summer, and therefore applying an SPF to exposed areas regularly, is absolutely imperative. 

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