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5 Must Have Lip Makeup Products For Your Makeup Kit

There’s something about dressing up your lips that’s super empowering. When in doubt, simply add a pop of colour to your pout and it’ll instantly brighten up your entire look. It’s literally the one makeup product you cannot have enough of in your kit. From a variety of textures to finishes to colours, the options are pretty much endless –– and this is what makes lip makeup products an absolute essential in your arsenal. But before you go building this beautiful lip wardrobe, it is important to note the must-haves for your makeup kit. From lip treatments to lip colours, here are 5 lip makeup products that definitely need a place in your armoury.

Lip Makeup - Serge Lutens Baume a Levres Lip Balm - Universal Shade - Parcos Luxezine

1. Lip Balms + Oils

Think of lip balms and oils as the primer for your pout. Not only do they moisturise dry and chapped lips, but also leave it soft, smooth, and clear for any other lip product to go over. The main purpose is to nourish your pout with the necessary nutrients that leave it healthy. The good thing about lip balms is that you can apply them as is, or layer them with your favourite lipstick for a more intense effect.

Serge Lutens Baume a Levres Lip Balm – Universal Shade

Packed with the power hyaluronic acid and L’arginine, this luxurious treatment lip balm instantly nourishes dry and damaged lips. Its unique and revolutionary formula is loaded with ingredients that leaves your pout with a comfortable non-sticky shine that is plump and luscious. You can wear it by itself, or pair it under your favourite lipstick––either way, your pout will look and feel healthy all day long.

2. Glossy Lipstick

Swipe, smile, and pout! The iconic lip makeup product that doesn’t quite need an introduction, this traditional way of amping up your pout is a no-brainer. Available in a variety of shades, with lipsticks you’ll find yourself swimming in a sea of options that fit any look, vibe, or feel. Taking the idea forward, they also come in different formulas, bullets and liquids being the most popular ones — within these options you come across satins, glossy, and shimmer –– you are literally spoilt for choice with these!

If you’re building your kit, make sure to include a nude, a red, a pink, and a brown, to start with. You can then slowly move into bolder and more experimental hues that’ll leave heads turning.

Shiseido Visionairy Gel Lipstick

Take your pick from a range of mattes, nudes, and vibrant lipsticks that deliver an intense colour! The formula is long-lasting and gives your pout a full coverage, that is weightless and very comfortable.

Shiseido Lacquerink Lip Shine

Where lipstick meets gloss, this high intensity liquid lip gives you an intense pigment with a shiny, glossy finish. The unique blend of oils offers the shine and comfort of a gloss, while the smoothing polymers provide a durable and hydrating colour of a lipstick. The formula is so lightweight that it leaves your lips feeling comfortable, and not dry and sticky.

Shiseido Visionairy Gel Lipstick - Parcos Luxezine
Lip Makeup - Diego dalla Palma Milano Mattissimo Matt Lipstick - Parcos Luxezine

3. Matte Lipstick

A popular go-to for many, a matte lipstick is a must-have in your pout arsenal! This texture and finish makes for great everyday wear, and feels rather comfortable on your lips too. Even if you’ve got a pout that’s on the drier side, a lot of the matte lipsticks often have nourishing ingredients that apply smoothly and moisturise your lips during the wear. Start with nudes and reds in your kit, and then move onto bolder, deeper, and brighter shades!

Diego dalla Palma Milano Mattissimo Matt Lipstick

Meet the extra-matte lipstick that gives you full coverage and long-lasting durability. Formulated with natural powders and waxes, it feels comfortable on your lips and leaves it with a soft and smooth texture, and an excellent colour payoff!

4. Lip Liner

Quite popular in the 90s (for very obvious reasons), the lip liner very recently made its comeback –– but this time with a subtle twist. Functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing, lip liners are meant to keep your lipstick in place, prevent bleeding, and increase its longevity. When worn alone, they tend to add an intense tint of colour! You can also pair it with your lip balm or oil, for that perfect tint.

Sisley Phyto-Lèvres Perfect

A firm yet creamy lip liner that glides on your lips like butter, it is perfect to line your lips precisely and intensifies the colour of any lipstick or gloss.

Lip Makeup - Sisley Phyto-Lèvres Perfect - Parcos Luxezine
Shiseido Shimmer Gelgloss - Parcos Luxezine

5. Lip Gloss

A circa 2000 favourite, lip glosses are known to give you a juicy, voluptuous pout, with an intense shine and a subtle pigment. It makes for a great addition to your lip makeup kit, as it gives you a varied finish from other lip products, like a lipstick.
Lip gloss is currently trending, as it fits in well with the “clean girl” makeup look that’s currently all the rage. The subtle hint of colour paired with the heavy glossy shine makes it perfect for daily wear when paired with mascara. Pair this gloss with a pigmented lipstick & eye makeup for those ultra glam looks.

Shiseido Shimmer Gelgloss

A sheer gloss with a transparent colour this lip gloss leaves you with a mirror-like finish. Its formula has a 12 hour hydration that increases moisture by 64%. Enriched with shea butter, it also conditions and nourishes your pout. Get maximum shine, that is weightless and non-sticky.