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#NewAtParcos: Diego dalla Palma Milano’s My Happy Toy Mascara!

Mascara is the one makeup product that is often viewed as the underdog of any vanity kit––however, a great mascara has the power to take your lashes up to new heights, quite literally. Diego Dalla Palma Milano My Happy Toy Mascara is one of those that truly stands out from the crowd, not only for its packaging but also its performance. Let’s just say that the wand has created quite the buzz, whether it’s for the way it looks or the way it makes you look, the internet just can’t get enough of this cheeky best-seller from Diego dalla Palma Milano. Here’s everything you need to know about the My Happy Toy Mascara and why it’s totally worth all the hype. 


Diego Dalla Palma Milano My Happy Toy Mascara In Box

At First Glance

Let’s start with the packaging of this product, we guarantee, you will be doing a double take. The My Happy Toy Mascara is pretty hard to miss, as it comes encased in a silicon/rubber tube, with a striking pink hue that can be spotted from miles away. But, it’s not the colour that grabs those eyeballs. The My Happy Toy mascara will remind you of a certain special toy––an on the nose play on the ‘mind blowing performance’ this mascara has to offer (#IfYouKnowYouKnow). Unlike most mascaras, this tube is rather big in size and houses a little more volume of product. But the great thing is that it’s sleek enough to discreetly slip into your bag and take no matter where you go!

Key Features of My Happy Toy Mascara


This Diego Dalla Palma mascara has one of the lightest and creamiest formulas one could find in their mascara. It applies smoothly and leaves you with high definition volume, an intense curl, and lengthier lashes that last up to 24 hours. The formula paired with the brush (which is amazing), leaves little to no room for smudging or clumping––two of the most annoying cons of wearing mascara. But, we haven’t got to the best past yet. The innovative formula also contains ingredients that help stimulate hair growth, strengthen your lashes, and repair damage––it enhances the natural growth of your eyelashes in 30 days. 


The brush is one of the most important aspects of any mascara wand and Diego Dalla Palma My Happy Toy Mascara has one of the best brushes that meets your every need. It has been designed to lift and curl your lashes by separating them. The tiny bristles help pick up more product, evenly coats every lash hair, and also prevents clumping.


You need to start at the base of your eyelashes and apply the mascara in a zig-zag motion to get the maximum volume. If you want to intensify thin and short hairs, then switch to using the brush vertically for that dramatic length.

diego dalla palma mascara packaging_Parcos

The Hype

If you’re looking for that dramatic, false-lash effect without the added drama of clumps and smudges, then Diego Dalla Palma My Happy Toy Mascara is definitely for you. Its creamy nourishing formula and fine-bristle brush has been designed to coat and care for your lashes, leaving them happy and high––the hype surely won’t let you down.

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