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6 Niche Fragrances That Are Worth The Splurge

When it comes to fragrances, one can never have too many. Honestly, even if you’ve found your perfect signature scent, mixing up your vibe with different olfactories is always welcome––especially if you’re looking for fragrances to match your many moods. When browsing for or even purchasing perfumes, people often get drawn to the popular designer labels––and while their fanbase is truly justified, niche fragrances are often overshadowed. So what exactly are niche perfumes and why should you be throwing your attention towards this lesser-known category too?

Niche perfumes are those made by companies that solely focus on producing perfumes, unlike designer labels that diverge into fashion or beauty items too. The production of these fragrances too aren’t large scale and therefore are targeted more at a smaller audience. In terms of quality too, you’ll find that the raw material used in the formulation of the perfume is far superior than that of those used in mass production. This also makes niche fragrances a little more pricey than the usual designer perfumes you’re used to (but, totally worth it).

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Niche Fragrances - The Merchant Of Venice Rosa Moceniga Eau De Parfum - Parcos Luxezine

The Merchant Of Venice Rosa Moceniga Eau De Parfum

One of the brand’s most loved fragrances, the Rosa Moceniga pays homage to the 200-year-old precious flower rooted in Venetian perfumery. Part of the floral fragrance family, this scent opens up to its top notes of Mocenigo rose essence, green lemon, and blackcurrant leaves. The heart notes of magnolia, lotus flower, and rose absolute, intensify the floral essence even more. Finishing off with base notes of vanilla absolute musk, white, cedar, and crystal amber, the fragrance takes on a slightly deeper and warmer route that embraces you through the day.

Begim Bukhara Spirit For Man EDP

The spirit of a rich and sensual man, this woody floral fragrance is meant to celebrate the power and confidence he eludes. In the first spritz you’ll immediately be enticed by the top notes of lemon, bergamot, and sage, while the heart notes of muguet and violet leaf take over. Finally, the fragrance then settles into its strong and sensual base notes of musk, cedar wood, tonka beans, and oak moss, giving this niche scent an all-rounded presence.

Niche Fragrances - Begim Bukhara Spirit For Man EDP - Parcos Luxezine
Valmont Storie Veneziane Rosso - Parcos Luxezine

Valmont Storie Veneziane Rosso

A unisex perfume that’s made for the strong and distinguished personality, Storie Veneziane Rosso is a floral oriental fragrance you can’t help but fall in love with. The fragrance opens up to fresh and zesty pink berries and then heads towards its heart notes of Damask rose. The scent gets a bit of a contrasting twist with its base notes of oud. The unique bottle the fragrance is housed in, also makes this a perfect buy!

M. Micallef Ananda Eau De Parfum Vaporisateur Natural Spray

A romantic fragrance that bursts into a bouquet of flowers and fruits, Ananda opens up to top notes of lemon and plum. The floral fragrance comprising violet and rose, unfurls into its fruity notes of plum and pear initially and then settles into its floral heart notes. The base notes of white musks with sweet and sparkly mimosa adds depth to the entire fragrance.

Niche Fragrances -M. Micallef Ananda Eau De Parfum Vaporisateur Natural Spray - Parcos Luxezine
Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel Serge Noire EDP - Parcos Luxezine

Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel Serge Noire EDP

A fragrance that’s rooted in and inspired by history, ‘serge’ was actually a fabric used to make cassocks and school smocks back in the day. Taking inspiration from the cloth, the fragrance too has a woodiness and smokiness to it. From the first whiff, it’s an experience that will take you on a journey.
Noir opens up to top notes of incense and then heads to its middle notes of saps resins. The base notes of spice in the fragrance tie in and intensify that depth, taking you along an unexpected sensorial journey.
What’s interesting about this fragrance is that its link to history doesn’t just stop there. Housed in a bottle inspired by the towering skyline of New York in the 1920s and 1930s, Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel is inspired by the deep black lacquered skyscrapers synonymous with the city. An iconic fragrance in every essence, this niche perfume is definitely one for the books.

Coco De Mer Zonm Eau de Parfum for Him 

This fragrance is a beauty editor favourite, and for good reason! Inspired by the sea, Coco De Mer Zonm will take you back to happy memories of tropical holidays gone by. With fruity, spicy, woody, and amber notes, the fragrance opens up to its top notes of coco de mer coconuts and spicy cardamom and black pepper. At the heart of the fragrance lies a floral touch of Moroccan Rose, that gives it a fresh feel. The base notes of patchouli, amber of labdanum, and oak musk, add dimension and depth to this tropically inspired fragrance.

Niche Fragrances - Coco De Mer Zonm Eau de Parfum for Him - Parcos Luxezine