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The fragrance choice of the British royals (quite literally), Atkinsons was founded in London in 1799 by its namesake James Atkinson who left the wild life of Northern England for the bustling streets of London, along with his partner a bear (yes, an actual grizzly). In his pockets lay recipes for fine scents and toiletries made of his own devising. In the early 1800s, the fresh, warm, and spicy notes of the English Eau de Cologne caught the attention of the Royal Seal, King George IV, after which James was eventually declared the official perfumer to the Royal Court Of England. Catering to many aristocrats of London, Atkinsons Fragrances was also a go-to choice for Napolean and Beau Brummel too.

Encapsulating the British essence for over 200 years, this luxury fragrance brand pays homage to traditional English style with a contemporary, global touch to it. Currently, the fragrance house has modernised the brand’s identity and notes, while retaining its classic British essence. The iconic cut-glass flask bottles, along with the embossed metal cap is still synonymous with the brand. Continuing to cater to an exclusive clientele, even Bollywood’s very own Ranveer Singh is a fan of the brand’s Oud Save The Queen.

Atkinsons Fragrances You Should Know About

Oud Save The Queen - Atkinsons - India

Oud Save The Queen

Meet Ranveer Singh’s favourite—Oud Save The Queen, which gives the classic English scent an oriental twist of its own. Paying homage to the dangerous love affair between the Crown Prince of Egypt and Mabel Normand, the fragrance encapsulates their forbidden passion, through its intense notes. Opening up to its top notes of earl grey and bergamot, the initial scent is reminiscent of the Hollywood starlet’s favourite tea combined with its heart notes of sweet and spicy hints of orange blossom, and cloves. Eventually the ‘danger’ of this forbidden love sets in with its base notes of guaic wood and oud accord, which add an illicit potency.

44 Gerrard Street 

An outrageously suave and sophisticated fragrance, 44 Gerrard Street pays homage to the brand’s very first store that was established in London’s Soho. Bursting with energy and elegance, the woody-spicy fragrance encapsulates the spirit of Georgian London. The top notes of eucalyptus, ginger lemon, and ginger are rather cool and invigorating, until the softer floral heart notes of jasmine absolute, rose, and orchid leave a delicate touch to the fragrance. Finally, its base notes of amber, cashmere wood, and musk hit that woody and musky zone that gives the fragrance its sexy, sophisticated, and absolutely encapsulating essence.

Atkinsons Perfumes 44 Gerrard Street - Luxezine
Atkinsons India - Luxezine

The Big Bad Cedar

An enigmatic fragrance inspired by British heritage, The Big Bad Cedar is a reminscent of the stormy Scottish Highlands and Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, if you will. The rough seas, turbulent skies, burning firewood, and the cold water of the lochs are all encapsulated in this brooding scent.  As its name suggests, the fragrance is big and bold and embraces you with its heady warmth from the first whiff itself. The scent opens up to intense top notes of cardamom, clary sage and broom, while the heart notes of cedarwoood bring an interesting blend of wood and fire to it. The base note of moss adds that earthy element, tying in the fragrance beautifully.

Mint & Tonic 

Mint & Tonic captures freedom and all things that define the English summer in a bottle. The blend of the herbaceous mint from the English Potager Garden, with the sparkling freshness of citrus, makes this fragrance one that instantly uplifts your mood. Its top notes of lime, grapefruit, and mint immediately embrace and refresh your senses, while its heart notes of cedarwood, vetiver, and musk, balance it out and add a warm and earthy scent. The lightness of the perfume eventually deepens when the base notes of ginger and geranium slowly hit—however, what’s interesting is that the scent is still able to retain its fresh and airy essence. The epitome of English summers, this one takes you back to holidays gone by.

Atkinsons Fragrances India - Luxezine
Atkinsons Oud Save The King

Oud Save The King

A signature fragrance for the brand, Oud Save The King is inspired by the forbidden love story between the Crown Prince of Egypt and American starlet Mabel Normand. Sensuality and luxury personified, the fragrance celebrates the affection he had for Mabel. The oriental scent opens to top notes of earl grey bergamot accord, reminiscent of the aroma from the actress’ favourite tea. The heart notes of iris and leather suede lend a rich and warm accord to the fragrance. Of course, paying homage to his own roots too, the Crown Prince of Egypt used sandalwood and oud accord as its base notes—both of which intensify the richness and sophistication, making the scent rather majestic and royal…quite literally!

Lavender On The Rocks

One of the brand’s most iconic fragrances, Lavender On The Rocks is an EDP that elegantly interprets the historical English lavender that is synonymous with the brand, but gives it a contemporary touch. It is, however, a fragrance that surprises you with layered contrasts. Opening to top notes of basil and rose, you will notice a fresh and floral embrace in the first whiff, till the heart notes of lavender absolute and geranium begin to kick in. Eventually, base notes of guaiac wood, oud accord, and saffron, bring a musky and woody warmth to a summery and aromatic fragrance. It’s coy yet bold, invigorating yet relaxing—a surprising contrast in notes, that seamlessly defines the fragrance to perfection.