Teaology India

#NewAtParcos: Teaology

Care for a cup of tea…in your skincare? Teaology does precisely that. With a mission that’s rather simple: what is good for you, is good for your skin too, this skincare brand infuses the benefits of tea into their products. Tea has always been popular for its medicinal properties, from fighting off inflammation to boosting the immune system. Most skincare products are formulated with 85-98% water, which doesn’t have any sort of efficiency. Teaology, on the other hand, formulates its products with a unique patented technology that uses five types of tea infusion instead of plain water in their products. This makes each of the products 100% active and naturally rich in antioxidant polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

Here are the top Teaology products available in India. 

Teaology Ultra Firming Cream - Luxezine

Teaology Match Tea Ultra-Firming Cream

Infused with matcha tea, this moisturiser is the lightest cream in the brand’s anti-ageing range. Known for its firming effects, it contains 9 plant active complexes that re-densifies the skin, while moisturising and soothing it simultaneously. It contains powerful green pigments that double-up as the perfect natural concealer that corrects the appearance of any sort of blemishes and imperfections, and brightens uneven skin tone too! It also helps protect your skin from environmental stressors like UV exposure and pollution. It’s suited for all skin types, especially mature skin looking for that natural lift.

Teaology Peach Tree Hydra Cream - Luxezine

Teaology Peach Tea Hydra Cream

Infused with blue tea, hyaluronic acid, and prebiotics, this moisturiser is known to improve skin tone, hydration, and brightness, from the get go. The formula is intensely moisturising and harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid to retain and lock-in hydration. This leaves skin feeling refreshed, plump, and youthful. With each application, this moisturiser also releases millions of prebiotice that boost your skin’s defences and leaves skin feeling toned, soft, and as the name suggests…peachy as ever!

Teaology Jelly Cleanser - Luxezine

Teaology Black Matcha Micellar Jelly Cleanser

Cleanser, peel, and detox mask, all packed in one glorious product, this jelly cleanser is infused with black matcha tea and enriched with charcoal pearls to purify, exfoliate, and protect against the adverse effects of pollution. Designed to purify and exfoliate your skin and pores, it has a soap-free, micellar formula that targets inflammation, redness, and impurities, specifically. It has an anti-pollution effect that nourishes the skin and smoothes out texture, all thanks to the activated charcoal pearls in the jelly. Suited for all skin types, the formula also works wonders for men who tend to face excess sebum production and breakouts.

Body Firming Cream India

Teaology Jasmine Tea Firming Body Cream

With a velvety texture, this moisturising, toning, and smoothing body cream is infused with jasmine green tea. Its active ingredients work overtime to tone the skin, regenerate and restructure sagginess, and leave you with intense long-lasting moisture. The formula also contains shea butter, sunflower oil, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, jasmine essential oils, and vitamin E, all which prevent dehydration and loss of tone, resulting in firmer, more plump skin.

Teaology Hyaluronic Infusion

Teaology Hyaluronic Infusion

Infused with blue tea and enriched with molecular hyaluronic acid, this hydrating serum moisturises, smoothens, and tones the skin. It comes with an intense formula that delivers and locks-in moisture, improves texture, reduces redness, and boosts your skin’s firmness. Suited even for sensitive skin, this serum works extra hard to maintain plumpness from the first application itself.