Tory Burch Electric Sky

#NewAtParcos: Tory Burch Electric Sky

There’s always been a strong bond between fashion and fragrances. Some of the world’s most beloved fragrances are created by path breaking fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Versace, Armani, Jimmy Choo & many more. There’s a natural synergy between fragrance and fashion, both are evocative, playing on feelings and memories. And a dazzling new addition to the list is Tory Burch Beauty, created by the iconic American fashion designer Tory Burch, known for her clean, classic designs that are peppered with colourful bohemian whimsy.

The brand has launched in India with the “Essence Of Dreams” collection which consists of 5 fragrances that inspire us all to imagine a brighter future. formulations. The Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection inspires us all to imagine a brighter future. Each of the five fragrances is tied to a dream and a feeling: Electric Sky and freedom, Mystic Geranium and joy, Divine Moon and peace, Cosmic Wood and magic, Sublime Rose and love.

About The Fragrance

Electric Sky truly captures the essence of freedom – it’s a fresh, clean fragrance that radiates an infectious energy, like the healing vibe after a storm. The fragrance has an unexpected mix of refreshing cactus flower, aromatic lavender, and woody notes. A breezy note of Saltwater lends a mineral quality to the fragrance, blended with blue sage and a Palo Santo accord for warmth and positivity.

About The Bottle

The flacons are where we are given a peek into Tory Burch’s design philosophy that balances high quality, timeless aesthetics, colours and unexpected contrasts. A balance of modern design and traditional apothecary shapes, the Essence of Dreams bottle features a sculptural cap and curved glass body. Tory Burch’s iconic Double T logo is framed by a unique color that evokes the spirit of each scent. The clear blue of a sky after a storm; honey yellow of a full moon; delicate purple of a geranium; earthy red of spices; and soft pink of a garden rose. The design speaks to Tory’s dream of inspiring others to live in full color with character, beauty and confidence.

Electric Sky Review

Electric Sky is the epitome of quiet luxury – it’s a lively fragrance that’s sophisticated and is for those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. From the minute you unbox the fragrance, you’re treated to an indulgent, carefully created experience of luxury.

We think Electric Sky is a great pick for those who veer away from heavy fragrances. It is the fragrant equivalent of a breeze of fresh air. It’s a light, refreshing perfume that’s anchored by a solid base of woody notes and refreshing vetiver that a lot of us equate with its cooling properties.
If you’ve been a longtime fan of Tory Burch, you’ll love this vibrant collection where each fragrance can be mixed, matched, layered and loved.